Nigeria’s Bella Shmurda Returns With ‘R2 Sept 12’ EP

Afrobeats music sensation, Bella Shmurda releases his fourth EP, ‘R2 Sept 12’. This exciting release captivates audiences worldwide – bringing a local, indigenous sound to a global stage. This star-studded five-track project features Zlatan, Jeriq & Bloody Civilian; blending raw emotions with infectious beats.


‘R2 Sept 12’ serves as a sonic celebration, offering listeners an array of tracks that span a diverse spectrum. From party anthems to moments of introspection, there is something for everyone. At the heart of the EP is the focus track ‘Oghene,’ featuring Zlatan and Jeriq. This track showcases Bella Shmurda’s signature style whilst echoing the vibrant rhythms and cultural tapestry of Igbo heritage. Through its pulsating percussion and diverse tempos, ‘Oghene’ explores a new side to Bella Shmurda’s craft.


Ahead of the EP, Bella Shmurda released ‘Loner’ and ‘My Brother’; both in homage to his late friend, and Nigerian singer, Mohbad. Most recently, ‘Loner’ captured the hearts of fans with its upbeat vibe and emotional storytelling, peaking at number 1 on Apple Music’s Top 25 in Lagos charts. Together, these singles showcase Bella Shmurda’s versatility and emotional depth, setting the perfect tone for this body of work. Reflecting on the EP, Bella Shmurda shared, “‘R2 Sept 12′ represents a piece of me in every track”. This sentiment is tangible throughout the project:

Bella Shmurda

Bella Shmurda


Track 1 – Feelings


Track 2 – Loner


Track 3 – 1999 ft Bloody Civilian


Track 4 – Oghene ft Zlatan & Jeriq


Track 5 – My Brother


Bella Shmurda is a conscious Afrobeats singer and songwriter hailing from Lagos, Nigeria. As the ‘new voice of the street’ this independent artist is dedicated to speaking the truth against all odds. Since kicking off his illustrious career in 2019, Bella Shmurda has accumulated a string of accolades. With over 1.5 billion lifetime streams and more than 13 million total followers, the Fuji-inspired singer is Audiomack’s highest streamed African artist (2020-2022), Boomplay’s most searched artist of the year (2021), Apple Music’s 10th most streamed artist in Nigeria of all time (2021) and Shazam’s 10th most streamed artist in Nigeria of all time (2021).


On ‘R2 Sept 12’, the multi-award winner invites listeners to tap into his evolution. We experience Bella Shmurda’s ability to push genre boundaries and deliver touching narratives. Having just completed a 9-city UK tour and 6-stop European tour in Spring 2024, this year is already looking bright for Bella Shmurda.


This stunning EP preludes Bella Shmurda’s anticipated sophomore album pencilled for later this year. ‘R2 Sept 12’ is available now on all major streaming platforms here


Source:News Ghana

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