Melcom expands horizons: Unveils new outlet at West Hills Mall, Ghana’s premier shopping destination

Melcom, Ghana’s premier retail destination, has strategically expanded its presence by introducing a premium outlet within the renowned West Hills Mall located in Weija on Thursday, February 1, 2024.

This move is a pivotal addition to the mall’s larger redevelopment strategy, aiming to bring enhanced value and quality retail to West Hills and foster relationships with other retail entities in the area.

Situated in Kasoa, WestHills Mall has already established itself as a top-tier shopping and leisure destination in Ghana. Boasting an impressive 27,700 square meters and accommodating over 1,500 parking spaces, the mall has become synonymous with a diverse range of offerings.

With over 30 shops, the West Hills Mall has become a sought-after destination for shoppers, catering for their various needs.
The mall features 8 restaurants, 7 financial institutions (3 ATMs, 1 forex bureau, and 3 banks), 8 health and beauty services, 2 major telecommunication services, 1 photo store, and a cinema, providing a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience.

Melcom’s strategic decision to establish a premium outlet within West Hills Mall is a testament to the company’s commitment to accessibility and convenience. By aligning itself with this vibrant shopping hub, Melcom is well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of shoppers seeking supermarket essentials, electrical appliances, furniture, household goods, mobile phones, and IT accessories.

This expansion not only enlarges Melcom’s physical footprint but also solidifies its status as a versatile retail giant capable of meeting the evolving demands of Ghana’s dynamic consumer market.

The Melcom outlet within West Hills Mall is set to redefine the landscape, becoming a premium shopping destination that complements the mall’s existing array of offerings.

Melcom’s move to integrate with West Hills Mall reflects its forward-thinking approach to retail, leveraging the popularity and diverse offerings of one of Ghana’s premier shopping destinations.

This strategic addition is poised not only to enhance the shopping experience for West Hills Mall visitors but also to establish Melcom as a key player in the synergy between West Hills and future retail developments in the West, marking a significant chapter in the mall’s redevelopment strategy.


Source: Ameyawdebrah

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