Man seeks Justice after sister found murdered in hotel pool

George Boateng Fixit Fast, a Ghanaian social media user, is demanding justice for his younger sister, Lois Abena Koranteng, a 24-year-old petroleum engineering graduate from KNUST.

According to George, Lois checked into Chrislord Palace Hotel in Anaji, Takoradi on June 7, 2024, accompanied by her boss and the company driver. Tragically, she was murdered and her body dumped into the hotel’s swimming pool during the early hours of June 8, 2024. Despite the family’s pleas, George states that the police have provided no updates and the hotel claims its CCTV cameras were not functioning at the time.

George’s plea on Facebook has stirred a wave of reactions online, with many urging the authorities to promptly investigate the case and ensure justice for Lois Abena Koranteng.

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