Kweku Flick and Eno Barony Announce European Tour in June

Ghanaian musicians Kweku Flick and Eno Barony are billed to perform at a major music event in Sassuolo, Italy, on June 15, 2024.


The two artistes have had a fantastic year, dominating social media with a variety of popular songs, and they are also scheduled to appear in Belgium later in June.


Mr. Kofi Mulan of Entertainment Avenue Ghana, the show’s organiser, said the event would assist to develop ties between Ghana and Italy, while also promoting Ghanaian music artists both at home and in Italy.


“These types of shows would strengthen the social ties and help foster great bonds between these countries and Ghana. Also, our music and culture will be recognised internationally and help pave the way for other Ghanaian musicians living in the diaspora,” he explained.


Mr. Kofi Mulan added that the show was part of a larger journey to showcase as many Ghanaian musical talents as possible to the world.


He said the journey comprised a series of musical shows and concerts across Europe, America, Asia, and Southern Africa.


He acknowledged that the task won’t be easy, as support will be needed through mutual partnerships between his company and those abroad. But, he was still grateful for the successes of the previous shows.


“Following the success of the recent concert in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Germany, and Italy, I decided to partner with an event company in Italy to pull this through.


“This is what I hope to be doing for the other shows to come. This is all part of a series of concerts and events my company hopes to organise with Ghanaian talents across the world. We are putting Ghanaian music on the global playlist,” he explained.


Source: News Ghana

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