Kenyan protesters leave empty coffins on streets in Nairobi

Source: Africa Publicity

Anti-tax protesters have left empty coffins on streets in Nairobi, Kenya, to mourn their colleagues who were reportedly killed in recent protests.

The coffins protest took place along Moi Avenue in Nairobi on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 as demonstrators carried and dropped empty coffins, blocking the road near Bazaar Centre opposite Clarion Hotel.

The symbolic act was meant to mourn Kenyans who lost their lives during the recent anti-Finance Bill protests.

Over 10 coffins lined with white linen blocked the road.

As the protests entered their third week, the demonstrators used the coffins to draw attention to their cause, mourning the deceased and creating a powerful visual statement.
While some protesters dropped the coffins on the road, others carried them as teargas filled the air, dispersing some demonstrators.

Despite the heavy police presence, many protesters stood their ground, shouting and waving the Kenyan flag. Some of the coffins were draped with the national flag.
In a dramatic scene, police officers attempted to clear the road by removing the coffins.

One officer was heard instructing his colleagues, “Officers, come, let’s put these coffins in the police trucks. Move out of the way.”

The officers swiftly removed the coffins to restore order.

The situation escalated as police lobbed teargas to disperse the crowd. Although initially resistant, the demonstrators eventually scattered.

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