Jennifer Lopez releases trailer For ‘The Greatest Love Story Never Told’ documentary featuring Ben Affleck (video)

Jennifer Lopez has already gotten candid and vulnerable with her latest album, This Is Me… Now, and the accompanying musical cinematic experienceThis Is Me… Now: A Love Story. However, Lopez is getting even more open with fans in a new documentary detailing the making of those two projects.

Lopez shared an exclusive look at the trailer for The Greatest Love Story Never Told in her newsletter on Thursday, giving fans an emotional, powerful first look at the Jason Bergh-directed doc showcasing her creative process and her journey to find happiness and self-acceptance.

In Lopez’s voice-over, she explains how she’s been married four times — and how those experiences informed the music on her new album, and the narrative of her cinematic project.

“I used to be terrified to be alone,” Lopez shares, over a montage of clips of her rehearsing and planning out choreography. “I didn’t know what I was supposed to do by myself.”

She also addressed the public’s reaction to her multiple failed romances, and how she tried to keep her emotions private from the world.

“I’m sure people watching from the outside were like, ‘What is this girl’s problem?'” Lopez shared. “What I portrayed to the world was, ‘Oh this didn’t work out, and it’s fine and I’m good and they’re good.’ And all of that was kind of bulls**t.”

The documentary details both the creative process behind her latest venture, but the strain and thrilling excitement of taking a risk on self-financing a unique cinematic experience that hinges on people’s interest and the success of her new music.

This is Me… Now is about facing the truth of who you really are,” Lopez explains, alongside a brief moment of her and husband Ben Affleck embracing.

The trailer closes out on one of the singer’s candid exchanges with a fellow dancer, when she admits that she’s scared, and the other woman tells her that she doesn’t seem scared.

“I don’t act like I’m scared, but that’s the secret to my whole career,” Lopez responds with a smile.

Lopez worked closely with her husband while working on her new projects, and has said that their high-profile romance played a big role in inspiring her music.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles on Feb. 13, 2024. STEVE GRANITZ/FILMMAGIC

Lopez and Affleck famously dated in the early aughts and got engaged before calling it off and ultimately splitting up in 2004. They rekindled their romance in 2021, and they tied the knot a year later.

Lopez walked the red carpet at the premiere of This Is Me… Now: A Love Story at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on Tuesday, where she spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier about the emotional story that unfolds in the unique cinematic project.

“The album that I made was very honest, about kind of wanting to capture this moment in time of reconnecting with a love,” said Lopez, who’s project tells a fictionalized version of her rekindled romance. “It seems like a fairytale, but it really wasn’t. And so I really wanted to tell that part of the story — the real story, in a way, but not my autobiographical story.”

According to Lopez, she and director/co-writer Dave Meyers “come up with the idea of telling the story of a hopeless romantic who kind of is going through her life’s journey in her search for love, and what it means and what it’s about.”

This Is Me… Now: A Love Story premieres on Prime Video on Feb. 16, alongside the release of her ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now. Her forthcoming documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, comes out Feb. 27.


Source: Joyonline

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