Female Directors Shine at Tarifa – Tangier African Film Festival

Cameroonian filmmaker Cyrielle Raingou unveiled her latest feature film, “Le Spectre de Boko Haram,” at the esteemed Tarifa – Tangier African Film Festival.


Alongside her, fellow Cameroonian Rosine Mbakam presented her captivating work, “Mambar Pierrette,” competing in the festival’s official section.


Both Raingou and Mbakam are among the talented directors participating in the Hypermetropia section of the festival, which showcases a diverse array of African cinematic talent. Mbakam, known for her acclaimed documentary “Les prières de Delphine,” showcased her first fiction film, “Mambar Pierrette,” offering a poignant exploration of empowerment through the lens of a dressmaker.


Raingou’s documentary, “Le Spectre de Boko Haram,” delves into the harrowing experiences of children in Kolofata, Cameroon, living under the shadow of Boko Haram. The film sheds light on their struggles and the pervasive threat of violence, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit.


In addition to Raingou and Mbakam, a dozen female directors from various African regions are competing in the Hypermetropia segment. Their works tackle a range of themes and narratives, contributing to the rich tapestry of African cinema.


Furthermore, the festival features the Africa In Brief section, showcasing short films from talented female directors across the continent and the diaspora. This emphasis on female voices underscores the festival’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in African cinema.


Beyond the competition, the festival’s program includes The Third Root segment, spotlighting Afro-descendant films from Latin America and the Caribbean. This initiative fosters cross-cultural dialogue and celebrates the shared experiences of black communities worldwide.


Moreover, the festival pays homage to pioneering female filmmakers through the Afro-feminist Cinema through time segment, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the cinematic landscape.


Through its diverse lineup and thematic focus, the Tarifa – Tangier African Film Festival continues to serve as a vital platform for African cinema, amplifying the voices of female filmmakers and promoting cultural exchange on a global scale.


Source: News Ghana

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