Election 2024: I’ll restore collapsed banks after unbiased assessment – Mahama

John Dramani Mahama, the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has reaffirmed his pledge to revive collapsed banks and financial institutions following a comprehensive and unbiased assessment

Expressing concern over Ghana’s escalating unemployment rate, he urged Ghanaians to support him overwhelmingly in the 2024 general elections to rejuvenate the struggling economy.

In an interaction with Ghanaians on Sunday, June 9, Mr Mahama acknowledged the rising discontent among Ghanaian youth.

He assured them of his commitment to fostering a nation characterized by shared growth and prosperity.

“My dear youth, while I agree with your justifiable anger and disappointments, I urge you to keep hope alive. Have faith in God and the power of your thumb. Ghanaians are in search of hope, hope they can believe in! Hope with the assurance that Ghana will be reset onto the path of progress and prosperity.

“Hope, knowing they can live in safe neighbourhoods and earn a living if they study hard, work hard, and live as law-abiding citizens. This is what Ghanaians are yearning for, and this is precisely what the NDC and I are presenting to you in this election of 2024.

“Exercise your franchise by voting for me, John Mahama, on 7th December 07 and for the NDC Parliamentary Candidate in your constituency. As your selfless, truthful, experienced, and visionary leader, I need your vote to reset Ghana. I assure you I will work with you to build a country of shared growth and prosperity.”

He stressed, “By resetting Ghana, I will repair the dangerous damage to our country’s economy and people.
Businessmen and women who government apparatchiks have given raw deals will have their say and can be assured of restoration. After a thorough and unbiased assessment, collapsed banks and financial institutions shall be restored. We will provide decent and well-paying jobs through my 24-hour economy initiative.

“Let me be clear: I am utterly appalled and disappointed by the unprecedented unemployment rate we are seeing today.”

Former Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta supervised the banking sector clean-up from mid-2017 to January 2020.

The clean-up saw a reduction in the number of banks from 34 to 23, whilst 347 microfinance institutions, 15 savings and loans and eight finance houses had their licences revoked.

Source : citi newsroom

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