Apple Music Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Love and Heartbreak Stations

Love and Heartbreak spark passion and move people to create. It is the most universal and common subject in the history of recorded vocal music. This Valentine’s Day Apple Music is launching two brand new deeply personalized stations in the themes of Love and Heartbreak for its listeners.

The Love Station features songs about romantic love, falling in love, feeling amorous, and feelings that these experiences bring. Tailored to each listener’s taste, the Love Station will play songs and artists they know and love along with recommendations. Not exclusively ballads, these love songs are guaranteed to amplify the mood; whether they’ve got that rush of a new crush, or that fully grown long time love.

Apple Music Love
Apple Music Love

The Heartbreak Station features songs about heartbreak, unrequited love, breaking up, or sad love. Having your heart broken is awful. Sometimes during these moments, music is the only thing that can make sense of it all. The Heartbreak Station will play a blend of songs from artists listeners know and recommendations, to help them let it all out.

The Love and Heartbreak Stations follow the recent launch of the Discovery Station on Apple Music, and are deeply personalized stations that select the best music for each listener from Apple Music’s vast catalog of over 100 million songs. Love and Heartbreak Stations are always updating so listeners can enjoy an endless stream of music in the theme of love or heartbreak anytime they want.

Apple Music subscribers worldwide can begin enjoying their own personal Love Station and Heartbreak Station beginning today by going to the Stations for You section on their Listen Now page.

Users can also celebrate Valentine’s Day with Apple Music Sing and serenade their loved ones by singing along to their favorite songs; and with Collaborative Playlists by creating playlists together, edit tracks, and add emoji reactions to specific songs.


Source: News Ghana

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