Amplify Ghana Launches Official Website

Innovative online Public Relations and creative promotion agency, Amplify Ghana has announced the launch of its official website. The new website aims to elevate creatives and organizations across the globe, particularly in Ghana to effectively communicate their unique brands and promote their works on the ever-evolving online media space.

Established in 2020, Amplify Ghana has brought novel strategies and approaches to Public Relations and creative promotion. The agency over the years has provided expert services to different creatives and organizations in various fields.

“Today, we are thrilled to unveil the digital home of Amplify Ghana. As a forward-thinking agency, we are dedicated to driving impactful storytelling, fostering meaningful connections, and maximizing the potential of every brand we work with,” the agency announced via a social media post on its official Instagram account.

Amplify Ghana Website
Amplify Ghana Website

The official website showcases Amplify Ghana’s diverse service offerings, including Public Relations, Music Pitching, Creative Direction, Electronic Press Kit Creation, Times Square Billboard Spaces, and Bulk SMS Campaigns. With a bright orange and white representing the agency’s brand colors and user-friendly interface, visitors can access and read news stories, the editor’s picks, well-curated playlists and contact the agency for more enquiries.

The launch of the official website signals a new chapter for Amplify Ghana as it solidifies its position as a leading force in driving strategic communication, creative promotion, and brand elevation in the digital sphere.

Through the launch of, Amplify Ghana is poised to redefine the possibilities of Public Relations and creative promotion, setting the stage for impactful collaborations, innovative campaigns, and memorable brand experiences. The agency invites all creatives, organizations, and individuals to explore the website, discover its unique approach, and envision the transformative potential of strategic communication and creative storytelling.


Source: News Ghana

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