2 Persons Killed After Plane Crashed Into Home In US

Source: Africa Publicity

Two persons lost their lives after a plane crashed into a home in the United States of America.

The incident specifically happened in northern Colorado, leaving the pilot and a passenger dead.

At least two properties were engulfed by fire due to the crash, local media reports revealed.

Pictures shared online firefighters dousing fire, with some properties visibly burnt.

According to Steamboat Springs Police, the Cessna 421 plane crashed at West Acres Mobile Park on Monday afternoon, June 17, 2024.

Routt County Sheriff’s Office reportedly stated that two trailers were ‘engulfed’ by flames in the fireball crash but the residents have since been accounted for.

According to Steamboat Springs Fire Rescue, The plane is believed to have launched from Longmont, Colorado, and was on its way to Ogden, Utah, when it plummeted to the ground at around 4.30pm.

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